What are SPF Records?

Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is an email validation system designed to reduce email spam by detecting email spoofing. 

How does SPF work?

SPF allows administrators to specify which hosts are allowed to send email from the domain, by creating a SPF/TXT record in the Domain Name System (DNS). Mail servers refer to the DNS records of the domain after receiving an email from that domain, and verify that the email received from that domain has been sent from a host allowed by that domain's administrators.

Should I add or edit SPF records for my domain?

While there is no explicit requirement to add SPF/TXT records, it is important to update or remove any existing SPF/TXT records as appropriate, with your move to OneNet.


For adding the records, see: How Do I Add OneNet's SPF Record?


For further assistance on SPF/TXT record syntax, please refer to

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