How do I setup Outlook on my computer (Windows)?

To access Hosted Exchange mailboxes on a desktop computer:

  • Install a supported version of Outlook. Hosted Exchange Plus clients will have access to a copy of Outlook and a license key.
  • Confirm that the computer has a working internet connection.
  • Create an Outlook profile for the mailbox.

Which versions of Outlook are supported in Windows?

How do I create an Outlook profile?

  • If Outlook is open, please close it.
  • Open the Control Panel, and open Mail 
  • Click "Show Profiles". 
  • Click "Add".
  • Type "OneNet" as the profile name, and click "OK". 
  • Configure the profile.

To configure the profile:

  • Type the name, email address, and click "Next". 
  • Please wait while Outlook searches for the domain and email address. If there are issues at this point, manually configure the profile. 
  • Tick "Don’t ask me about this website again", and click "Allow" to accept the auto configuration file. 
  • Click "Finish". 
  • Skip the next section, and open the mailbox with Outlook now.

To open the mailbox with Outlook:

  • Open Outlook 2013. 
  • Enter your OneNet credentials. Click "OK". 
  • Once Outlook is open, wait until the bottom right corner displays “ALL FOLDERS ARE UP TO DATE”. 


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