Autodiscover DNS Record

What is Autodiscover and why is it important?

Autodiscover is a service that automatically configures email clients, such as Outlook. It is a necessary requirement for correct access and smooth operation of your Hosted Exchange service.

What is required for Autodiscover to work?

Autodiscover relies on a correct CNAME DNS record for your domain.

Please contact your DNS hosting provider or DNS registrar to make the changes below. DNS hosting providers typically provide a control panel or portal where you can make DNS changes. Please treat any DNS changes with care and seek assistance if you are unsure.

The CNAME DNS record required is "autodiscover.<domain>" with the value "" where <domain> is your domain name.

  • Host Name: autodiscover
  • Type: CNAME
  • Address:

How do I confirm if Autodiscover has been setup correctly?

To confirm the Autodiscover CNAME DNS changes above, please use Microsoft's Remote Connectivity Analyzer.

  • Browse to
  • Under "Microsoft Office Outlook Connectivity Tests", select "Outlook Autodiscover". Click "Next".
  • Enter your details. (For UPN, enter your email address.) Type the verification code. Click "Perform Test."
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