What can I do if Outlook 2016 tries to connect to Office 365?

If you sign up for a Microsoft account with your OneNet email address, you may get an email address using your domain. This will interfere with the Autodiscover process and cause Outlook to try and connect to Office365. This can cause the issues below:
  • Persistent password prompts appear when attempting to log into Outlook
  • "Your mailbox has been temporarily moved" error upon launching Outlook
  • Free/Busy information in the Calendar is not available
  • Out of Office issues in Outlook
  • Offline Address Book synchronization issues
  • Sharing invitation does not work
  • Shared mailbox auto-mapping does not work
  • Public Folders are not accessible
If Outlook is open, you can verify the issue by performing an Autodiscover test in Outlook on the affected computer:
  • Hold the Ctrl key, and right-click the Outlook icon in the system tray.
  • Select "Test E-mail AutoConfiguration".
  • Enter the credentials for the affected email address. 
  • The test should fail. 
To resolve this:
  • Add the registry key (or download the attachment) below to the affected computer(s):
DWORD: ExcludeExplicitO365Endpoint
Value: 1


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