What are "Spam" emails?

Emails classified as "Spam ~ Suspected" have been scanned by the mail system and determined to be similar to known spam or other email scams.

These spam checks are regularly updated to keep on top of the latest illegitimate email ‘trends’, as there are new scams and types of spam chains coming out every day.

When an email is blocked as spam, the recipient will be notified with a "Blocked Email Summary" every night showing any spam emails they got that day, and let them select to release these, more information on this can be found on our releasing spam article.

Note: Even if you have received an email from a sender before, their emails will still be checked for security reasons. Senders emails or attachments may have been compromised, so it's important that emails are checked even if you know the sender.

For tips on whitelisting or blacklisting known senders, have a look at some of our Message Protect articles.

If you would like further assistance, please forward the "Message Digest" email, which includes the details of the "Spam" email in question, to

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