Microsoft Outlook 2016 for Windows - Known Issue With Autodiscover Process

With the recent release of Outlook 2016 for Windows, many will be wanting to download, and upgrade to this version to capitalise on the latest mail client available from Microsoft.

However, anyone wishing to adopt this version must be advised of a known issue with Outlook 2016's ability to autodiscover your mail server settings.


Outlook 2016 for Windows will attempt to resolve 11 times with a 30 second+ wait time between each attempt before discovering the CNAME record configured on your domain, which points to This causes the initial autodiscover process to take 20-30 minutes.


Unlike previous versions of Outlook, Outlook 2016 does not allow manual configuration of server settings, and is instead solely dependent on the autodiscover process.


There are two workarounds available:

1. Wait 20-30 minutes for the autodiscover process to complete.

2. Add the below registry key or download it from the link below. This will shorten the autodiscover time to a few seconds.  


“ExcludeHttpsAutoDiscoverDomain”=dword: 00000001

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