How do I setup my mailbox on an Android device?

Connecting an Android device to Hosted Exchange may vary between devices, but please follow these steps as a guideline: 

  • Select "Settings" from the "Apps" screen.
  • Scroll down and select "Cloud and accounts" > "Accounts".

    Screenshot_20171213-134320.png    Screenshot_20171213-134326.png
  • Select "Add Account".


  • Select "Email".


    (Note: You can select "Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync" if this option exists, or you can also select "Exchange" with the red Gmail icon if you wish to use the Gmail app)
  • Enter your OneNet credentials and select "Sign In" for Automatic Setup.
  • If prompted for "Account Type" select "Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync"

    Screenshot_20171213-134514.png    Screenshot_20171213-143948.png

  • If this does not work automatically, using "Manual Setup" is also an option:
  • For "Domain\Username", enter the OneNet email address. For example,
  • For "Password", enter the OneNet password.
  • For "Server", enter
  • Tick "Use Secure Connection (SSL)"
  • If the option "Use client certificate" appears, leave it un-ticked.

  • If prompted with "Remote security administration", click "OK". 


  • The device will now be set up and will begin to sync with Hosted Exchange.
  • To confirm what Syncs, under "Accounts" select the active Exchange account


  • Tap your account and select what you would like to sync.

  • Your Phone will begin to sync these with Hosted Exchange.
  • You can access your mailbox from the home screen by selecting your "Mail" app.
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