Check Server Heath & Data

Checking Server Health

  • Navigate to Monitoring -> Problems.
  • Enter your server’s name in Hosts and select the server. Click Apply to view the current problems. Leaving this blank will show all the open problems in your environment.
  • You will see any issues currently active. To view past problems, select the History tab:


Checking Server Data

  • To view the latest data from your servers, navigate to Monitoring -> Latest Data.
  • Enter your server’s name in Hosts and click Apply.
  • Here you can see a list of all services being monitored and view graphs to see growth. The below example shows the CPU usage of a server. You can see the server was last checked 21 seconds ago with a -0.08975% change in usage.
  • To refine the view, you can click on the application you are after in the list below the apply button or enter the name of the service you would like to filter for.
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