How do I customize my Message Templates?

Message Templates are used for any automated messages, such as block messages or spam digests. These can be customized with different messages or content. You are able to use your custom templates for any custom rules or digests that you want to set up.

This can be done by logging in to the Message Protect Admin Portal and going to "Policy Elements" then "Message Templates"

In here, you can select what kind of template you want to create, one for automated messages (such as virus blocks, or dead letters), or one for regular digests (such as the daily spam digest).

After selecting a kind of template we strongly recommend selecting "Base On..." down the bottom to base your template on one of our existing ones, depending on what you want to create. You may create a new virus message template and can use the current virus message as a base.


This will fill in the HTML for the message, as well as a few other fields. You can give your new template a name, as well as adjust the message, recipients, subject etc.



Feel free to adjust the HTML or Plain Text versions of your template in any way you like.

These templates will have a lot of placeholder variables that get filled in when the message goes out, such as {Recipient} for the recipient, or for the date. It's good to take full advantage of these when creating a new template so that your emails are accurate and detailed.

For more information about variables, click on "Help" in the top right-hand corner. In the new window, on the left-hand pane, expand "Policy Elements", and select "Variables". 


We recommend leaving the other tabs/options as defaults, and you can then save your template. 



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