How do I set up a Printer?

When adding a printer into your Hosted Desktop, there are a couple of options. This can either be set up on the Hosted Desktop Servers themselves (Server Installed), or set up on your computers and automatically mapped through to your Hosted Desktop (Auto-Created).

We would also recommend taking a look at our SMTP settings article for setting up scan-to-email.


Server installed printer

This would be recommended in situations where the location has a static IP, and the printer is required by a large number of people.

Note: Setting up a Server Installed printer will be billable.

What this means:

  • The printer is installed in the Hosted Desktop environment.
  • Access to this printer is controlled by back end groups set up by OneNet.
  • Access can be given/revoked for users on the fly.
  • Changes to the local network may need to be changed on the Hosted Desktop environment as well.
  • Users can access the printer inside of the Hosted Desktop, not outside (unless also set up on their computer).


  • The office where the printer is located must have a static IP.
  • Someone familiar with the local network should be available for the more network-involved steps (OneNet can assist with these if necessary).

To set up:

  • Send a request through to the OneNet support team providing the following details:
    • Static IP of the site - e.g. ""
    • Name for the printer to show up with inside the Hosted Desktop - e.g. "Company - Warehouse Xerox"
    • Exact model of the printer - e.g. "Fuji Xerox DocuPrint M465"
    • List of users who should be given access to the printer - e.g. "John Smith, Jane Smithers"
  • The printer must be set up with a static IP on the local network (outside of the DHCP range).
  • Port forwarding must be set up on the local router to point print jobs to this printer. This is usually on port 9100.
  • After confirmation that setup on both ends has been completed, it will automatically show up for requested users.


Auto-Created printer

This would be recommended in situations where the printer is in a home, is moved around, or in an office that does not have a static IP. This would also be good for if only a few people need access.

What this means:

  • The printer is installed on the individual computers.
  • The Hosted Desktop will automatically pick up this and add it into the Hosted Desktop each time you log in.
  • Access to this printer is controlled by the computer itself, as long as the computer has access, the user will see this when they log in (will need to log in to a fresh session on that computer).
  • Should not require any changes to the Hosted Desktop environment, and any changes locally should flow through automatically when a user re-logs.
  • Users can access the printer both inside of the Hosted Desktop and outside.
  • Can sometimes have driver-incompatibility issues that require troubleshooting from OneNet.


  • Nothing specific.

To set up:

  • Set up the printer on the user's computer and set it as the default printer.
  • Log out and back in to the Hosted Desktop environment.
  • At this stage, the printer should automatically show up. If the printer does not show up please send a request through to the OneNet support team and we can take a look at if there are any further changes required.


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