Hosted Desktop Application Policy

OneNet operates an enterprise-level Hosted Desktop environment. Our aim is to provide a resilient, secure, and supported platform which your business can rely on 24x7.

In order to maintain a robust and reliable platform it is important that any changes or upgrades to software are tested and approved before being deployed into production. We recommend that OneNet is involved, as early as possible, in planning application upgrades or installation in order to determine any risks or impact this may have on your business.

New Applications

The enterprise nature of the Hosted Desktop environment also means that some applications won't be suitable - typically applications that aren't "Terminal Services", "Remote Desktop Services", or "Citrix" supported, or that require administrative permissions to run.

If you are planning on installing a new application, please contact OneNet with the details of your project, e.g.

  • Application you're planning on installing
  • Application website or vendor details
  • What business function you're hoping to solve (we can sometimes suggest alternatives, if your first choice isn't suitable)

We can then work on assessing the suitability of your application, and proceeding with the install.

Notice & Timeframes for Installs and Upgrades

OneNet should be informed three business days prior to any new application install, or at minimum 24 hours prior to an upgrade for an existing application. These are minimum times, and some applications or upgrades may involve a longer review & install process, depending on OneNet availability, and complexity of the application.

Prior to commencing an application install, OneNet will require:

  • Any media required to complete the upgrade (or a link to obtain this)
  • Install documentation (often provided by the application vendor)
  • Any required licensing information or keys
  • Support contract details & contact information for the application vendor

OneNet will not perform software upgrades during business hours, as this can have adverse or unintended impacts on other users.

User Acceptance Testing

Although OneNet has familiarity with many enterprise software applications, we do not undertake "User Acceptance Testing" prior to a new application deployment or application upgrade. This must be undertaken by the client, following the deployment of the new application. 

Depending on the complexity of the upgrade required, OneNet may be able to provision a "test environment" for you to validate the usability & functionality of an application, prior to deploying to your production environment. Please note, there may be additional charges for engineering time & any additional required virtual servers for the duration of the test.

When arranging the new install & upgrade, you should indicate who will be performing any User Acceptance Testing. OneNet will communicate with this person via email, to confirm when the application upgrade or install has been completed, and is ready for testing.

User Acceptance Testing should be scheduled and completed prior to when staff will require the access to the application, to allow sufficient time for troubleshooting any issues or performing a rollback of the upgrade.

This testing should also account for the largest/most complex task or function. This is so testing more accurately represents application use and will ensure the environment continues running smoothly during the highest load situations.

Failure to sufficiently complete User Acceptance Testing following an application install or upgrade, may result in users being unable to use the application, and additional engineering charges for OneNet to investigate & troubleshoot issues.

Application Support Contracts

Although OneNet is often able to provide technical assistance in troubleshooting application issues, or liaise with application vendors in raising support cases, you should maintain an up-to-date support agreement with your application vendor, as they are primarily responsible for any application issues or queries.

Sign Off

After testing is completed, you will be required to sign-off on the application.

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