How do I manage the Black List for my organisation?

To create a Black List at the organisation level - that is, a Black List that applies to users in the organisation:

  • Browse to and login with your organisation's Administrator credentials for Message Protect. (The credentials were provided in the initial provisioning email.)
  • In the menu along the top, click on Policy Elements, and select User Groups.
  • Select the External User Groups tab, and at the top-right, click "Create A User Group".
  • Type a Name and Description, and click "OK".
  • Click on the newly created group.
  • Click "Add User" to add users. Alternatively, click "Import Users" to import from CSV file.
  • Note: Wildcards can be used to add a whole domain by putting "*" into the "Enter the email address" section. For more information about wildcards, please refer to this article.

  • In the menu along the top, click on Rules, and select Package Policies.
  • Select "Anti-Spam (Inbound)".
  • Next to Anti-Spam Blacklist, select "User Matching".
  • Select "Apply to users matching the following criteria", and tick "Where addressed from people". Select "people" and select the group you wish to apply the Black List to.
  • Next to Anti-Spam Blacklist, click on the "Enabled" toggle to set it to enabled.
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