Main Dashboard

The main dashboard provides a quick overview of system configuration and email processing activities for your managed domains.


Statistics Section

The statistics section of the Dashboard page provides a graphical summary of email traffic and filtering activity for the current day.

  • Mail Statistics:
    This provides a summary of email message traffic. 
    • Direction: Specifies the direction of traffic (inbound or outbound).
    • Messages: Specifies the number of messages processed that were sent in each direction.
    • Percent of Messages Processed: Displays a bar graph showing the percentages of the total messages processed that were sent in each direction.
  • Connections Refused:
    This section provides a summary of email delivery connections that were refused, organized by the block type. Types can include one or more of the following:
    • Denial of Service: Messages or connections blocked because the service identified the remote server as conducting a denial of service attack.
    • Connection Rule: Messages refused by Connection Policy action. These can include oversize messages, messages without the required authentication, and messages from blocked senders.
    • Blocked by SpamProfiler: Messages blocked by the proprietary signature-based SpamProfiler service.
    • Blocked by IP Reputation Service: Messages blocked due to results of a query to an IP Reputation (DNS blacklist) service.
    • Relay Attempts Refused: Messages refused because the remote server is not on the list of hosts allowed to relay messages.
  • Inappropriate Content:
    This section provides a summary of classified messages for each direction of email flow (excluding archive classifications
    • Content Type: Specifies the content classification.
    • Messages: Specifies the number of messages classified as this type.
    • Percent of Messages Processed: Displays a bar graph showing the percentage of the total messages processed that was classified as this type.

Message Queues Section

This section of the Dashboard page shows a summary of messages queued at OneNet for sending. The listing includes messages inbound to the local domains you are managing through Message Protect, and messages from your domains outbound to other organizations. If your email is processed by more than one server, the listing includes a separate section for each processing server.

To see a full listing of messages, from the main page select Messages > Message Queues.


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