How do I create a new Hosted CRM user?

To create a new CRM user:

  • Create the user in the Control Panel, AND
  • Add the user to the CRM site.

1. Create a new user in the Control Panel

  • Logon to the OneNet Control Panel at
  • At the left, select "Users".
  • Click on "Create New User".
  • Enter the details, and take a note of the Password. Click "Create User".
  • Take a note of the "Primary Email Address".

2. Add the user to the CRM site

  • Browse to the URL of the Hosted CRM site.
  • Logon with the credentials of an administrator user.
  • At the left, under "System", select "Administration".
  • Click on "Users".
  • At the top, click on "Records", and select "New".
  • Next to "User Name", enter the Primary Email Address noted earlier. Enter the First Name and Last Name. Click "Save".
  • At the left, under "Common", select "Security Roles". Click on "Manage Roles" to assign the user to a security group on the site.

The user can then logon to the Hosted CRM site with the User Name (or Primary Email Address) and Password as setup in the Control Panel.



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