How do I replace an existing LiveVault server?

To replace a server with an existing LiveVault subscription, there are two methods:

  • Restore the data to the replacement server, OR
  • Manually copy the LiveVault files over to the replacement server.

1. Restore to the replacement server

  • Install Windows on the replacement server.
  • Install LiveVault agent on the replacement server.
  • Run a restore from the existing server to the replacement server: select the "Restore" tab, click "New Restore", and select "Restore data over the internet".
  • Decommission the existing server.

2. Manually copy over the LiveVault files

  • Stop the LiveVault service on the existing server.
  • Copy the data from the existing server to the replacement server, including the LiveVault data in the C or D drive.
  • Install the LiveVault agent on the replacement server.
  • At the prompt, select "Re-provision an existing server".
  • Wait for the initial backup to run.
  • Decommission the existing server.
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