How do I manage "Safe Senders"?

Note: This information may be out of date, if your blocked message comes from "" instead, please see How do I manage my White List.


If you received an email from 'MailMarshal' regarding blocked email, you can add senders to "Safe Senders".


A White List is a list of trusted senders whose emails will not be classified as "Spam" and blocked by our mail system. To add a sender to your White List, please add the sender to the "Safe Senders List" in Spam Manager.

To add trusted senders in Spam Manager:

  • Browse to
  • Logon with your OneNet credentials.
  • Select "Manage Senders".
  • Click "Edit list of safe senders".
  • Add the sender's email address. Alternatively, use the * wildcard to allow any addresses at a domain. For example, * would add all email addresses to the White List.
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