Dynamics 365 Power BI Integration


Connecting Power BI to OneNet Hosted Dynamics 365 allows you to easily access and analyze your data. This involves configuring an OData feed to create a descriptive model, containing all your related entities and measured needed such as Accounts, Activities, Opportunities, Product, Leads, Users and more.

We will outline the steps involved to connect Power BI to OneNet Hosted Dynamics 365.

Configure Power BI Desktop

To connect Power BI Desktop, follow these steps:

  1. Open Power BI Desktop

  2. Select Get Data

  3. Select OData Feed. This is how Power BI Desktop will communicate with your CRM Organization.

  4. Click Connect.

  5. Power BI will now ask you for your OData feed URL. Here enter in your Hosted Dynamics 365 URL followed by /XRMServices/2011/OrganizationData.svc and click OK.

    For example,

  6. Power BI will now prompt you for your credentials. Select Organizational Account, and then click Sign In.


  7. Sign in with your credentials, then click Connect.

  8. The Data Navigator will open, where you will see the data that is available to you. Select what is required and click Load. For example, here we load AccountSet and ContactSet 

  9. The data will now load into Power BI Desktop.

Configure Power BI Service

Once you've created reports within Power BI Desktop using your CRM data, you can publish these to Currently with Internet Facing Deployment, there are only methods such as these available to refresh data within Power BI (service):

  1. Publish your reports semi-frequently, in order to update the data.

  2. Custom CRM solution to expose data to Power BI, for example: 

  3. Custom OData proxy/loading data into a remote storage (e.g. report SQL Database).
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