Connection Quality Indicator

Connection problems are the number one cause of performance related issues, so it pays to know how good your connection is. 

When you log into your Hosted Desktop, you may see the following popups on your screen:




What should I do?

If you're seeing the "Poor Connection" or "Weak Connection" popups frequently, its likely because your connection to OneNet's Hosted Desktop isn't performing well. This can affect how fast and responsive your Hosted Desktop feels.

Most often, this is because you're connecting via WiFi or a tethered 3G/4G connection. Although these types of connections can provide good bandwidth, they aren't as consistent and stable as a hardwired connection.

If you've tried a different connection and are still having issues, contact the Service Desk on 0800 66 36 38 if you require assistance troubleshooting further.


Tired of the popups? Snooze them!

Clicking the small settings icon on the popup will give you some further information on your current connection speed, and also give you an option to hide the alerts.






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