Site Permissions for SharePoint 2013

To add a user to SharePoint:

  • At the top right-hand corner, click on the tool icon, and select "Site settings".
  • Under the "Users and Permissions" section, select "Site permissions".
  • On the top left, click on "Grant permissions".
  • Type out the user's email address in full. Then go through the list of options, hover the mouse above each option, and select the entry that includes "EmailAddress":
  • Click "Share".
  • To verify if you have completed the above correctly, click on the user account you have just granted Sharepoint access to. Under "Account", it should show "i:05.t|onenetsptoken|" in front of the user's email address:


NOTE for clients migrating from SharePoint 2010

Sharepoint 2013 uses claims-based authentication instead of Windows authentication (in SharePoint 2010). This means that all permissions assigned in 2010 are not applicable to 2013, and must be re-configured in 2013 by the organisation's site administrator.

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